With 15 years experience in music production, songwriting and guitar playing, and an aptitude for quickly absorbing new techniques, Tom Leith has a passion for bringing out the musical genius in the people he works with and in himself.

From the moment Tom started studying sound-engineering at Hurricane Studios in London, he was hooked. He then moved on to do more in-depth studies at SAE (London). Consolidating this knowledge into experience, working as an assistant engineer at the Dairy Studios in Brixton, and later producing independent artists in his own studio, he then eventually specialised in Pro Tools (210M Pro Tools Operator) at Alchemea (London).

Tom's wide range of influences span artists such as; The Cure, Jane's Addiction, Suzanne Vega, Underworld, Nitin Sawhney, Sigur Ros, Dizzy Gillespie, Imogen Heap, Merz and Broken Bells. Tom draws on these influences to bring depth into his production which can only come from having a vested passion for music from an eclectic array of artists.

Tom is currently working on various projects including producing folktronica artist Ko-Fi and crafting his own material.

"I'm very impressed by your music and engineering skills. The tracks sound great."
Guy Sigsworth

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